Land & Natural Resources


More than half of the ranch's deeded property is coniferous forestland consisting primariy of lodgepole pine, Englemann spruce, Douglas and subalpine fir, and whitebark pine at higher elevations. Aspen groves are abundant in transition areas between range and forest. Some areas were historically logged and are in various stages of regrowth, while others consist of mature stands. We manage the ranch's substantial timber resource as habitat rather than as a crop, harvesting logs for firewood, fence material, and conversion to lumber for on-ranch construction on a limited basis.

Prompted by the impacts of climate change, the mature stage of most of our forest, and the increasing frequency of big fires in the region, the ranch engaged Ottman Forestry in the fall of 2015 to do some limited logging up the Skully drainage with the goal of minimizing fire danger to our headquarters.