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A Sacred Place

There is something extraordinary about being in a place where it feels safe to talk about everything from fine cuisine to financial reports to the family habits of foxes; a place where the natural beauty of the landscape could be distracting, but instead seems to be an open invitation to deep thinking. The snow-covered mountain peaks that surround the B Bar Ranch, which jut a thousand feet (or more) above the placid tree-dotted valley, provide inspiration, as well as a chastening reminder that we are only temporary inhabitants of this planet, and miniscule ones at that. 

The warm lodge, outfitted with accommodating pieces of furniture with their own stories to tell, creates the stage for some of the finest conversations that one can have. Whether difficult or divergent, the quality of discussion that occurs in such a space is unique, for it is not easy to create such a stirring setting; it has taken time and the great care of many a caretaker. There is such a palpable feeling that the ranch and its custodians have been in sync with the rhythms of nature; it has been a necessity in order to thrive in this still wild and beautiful place.

The scent of warm cookies, roasted vegetables and homemade soup, the cozy room accommodations and friendly staff are something one won’t find in most other meeting areas. It is almost as if the greatest wishes for comfort were tallied up and then offered, in the spirit of true hospitality. To experience the ranch gives one a feeling of the generosity of the land and the people involved with it.

The B Bar Ranch is home, no matter where one has begun their journey, and is the stuff of western dreams, made real. 

Written by Amy Bianco, TREC- Training Resources for the Environmental Community

“Coming back to the B Bar this year was an unbelievable gift. …the weather was fantastic which allowed us to meet outside for the entire week. The majestic beauty, excellent accommodations, amazing food, and the helpful and dedicated B Bar staff created an environment that allowed us to think big and create visionary ideas for the future of Forest Ethics. The warm and nurturing atmosphere also encouraged real connection and communication among our staff, all week long. This was, by far, the most inspiring staff retreat in our ten year history. As we come back to our offices and begin to act on the vision we developed at the B Bar, we will all hold this past week in our hearts and return to it for inspiration...”
Matt Westendorf, Forest Ethics

“To the fabulous staff of the B Bar:

A month has passed since our incredibly memorable week at the B Bar. What a week it was! We wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for everything you did to make our stay the best family vacation we could ever have! Your little slice of heaven  (the backdrop, the air, the sounds, the place) is a given, but your hospitality and warmth made it an extra special experience.

I must say that every single meal was a treat and a gourmet experience… it was hard for me to come home and have to prepare food for the family after a week of fine dining and being completely spoiled.

We’d also like to thank you all for organizing the various outings and activities… and to top it all off, a relaxing massage for my husband and myself!

Thank you for sharing your views, your trails, the sunlight, the moon, the breeze, the rocks, your glorious mountains, and a new part of the country with my family – the kids were in awe of it all, and it was great to see their reactions and expressions to the largeness of it all, just as I felt 14 years ago on my first visit to the B Bar.

You are all part of a very special place – cheers to you all and thanks again!”
Kristen Cormier and family, MASS

“You make us feel like most welcome family. I am overflowing with gratitude”. Kim
“Your attentiveness and care are superb.” Vera
“We love your attention to detail – thank you!” Elma
“A fantastic place and staff!” Ann
“I love it here! Thank you.” Rokie
“Many thanks for a beautiful stay and delicious food.” Diana
“Thank you – great hospitality!” Bruce
“Thank you for tending to the DreamTenders!” Randal

“The grub! The napkin art! The pear tart! The cookies! The wonderful servers! The comfy clean cabins! You all are wonderful! You’ve kept us happy and healthy as we were working, and totally content. Thanks to all for everything.”
F-11 Photo Workshop attendees

“Our three families had a superb time at the B Bar. It is obvious that all of you work so hard to make that happen for every guest that sets foot on the ranch. We feel very lucky to have been a part of it briefly.”
Mary Buford

“Thank you for all the hard work you have done this week. Whenever we come here our hearts are filled with happiness and joy… I love the food here. I feel so proper when I eat it. And the dessert – I can’t stop thinking about it. I love you.”
9 year old guest, “Anna Eisenman”

“You are an incredibly efficient, versatile, talented and fun bunch. It was our pleasure to be B Bar guests, I can assure you. The land and the ranch’s mission for it certainly sets the mood and all of you simply made it an unforgettable stay. The memories seem endless.”
Carol Seallan, National Wildlife Federation member trip

“Thank you for providing this wonderful place for our staff retreat. The ranch’s hospitality could not have been better! The Montana Land Reliance loves open space and wildlife habitat and the B Bar has this in abundance!”
Signed by 25 people

“Thank you so much for all you did last week that made our donor event and writers conference another fabulous success! Everyone had a wonderful time! Food was fantastic as always and the accommodations were perfect. We appreciate too, your taking the time for the ranch and greenhouse tours. The donors really appreciated that. We are so grateful!
Louisa Willcox, NRDC donor event

“On behalf of the Bozeman Community Food Coop, thank you for hosting us at B Bar. Our board retreat was super productive and successful due to your wonderful lodge, helpful staff and delicious food. Thank you for sharing your amazing home with us. The snow on the ground was beautiful also! We look forward to returning soon.”
Deb Davidson

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking such good care of the Western Environmental Law Center gang this past weekend. We had a fabulous, delicious, warm and wonderful stay thanks to you all and the great care you took with us. I’m planning to come back and ski! Wonderful, wonderful!”
Penelope, WELC

“On behalf of the Wildlands CPR’s board and staff I want to thank you for our stay at the ranch last week for our annual meeting. The crew treated us so well as usual, and that combined with the ranch’s setting helped us have a very productive meeting.  While the weather was a bit unusual (although us Montanans should be used to June snow), the lodge was cozy and we were able to get a lot of work done, set some new agendas and even take some beautiful hikes between the raindrops. Enjoy the summer and thanks again.”
Bethanie Walder & Tom Petersen, Wildlands CPR

“Our deepest thanks go to all of you for providing a cozy and inviting environment for our board and staff retreat… it’s always a pleasure to come to B Bar where we know we’ll eat the most delicious, local foods and have access to wonderful facilities. Thank you for the opportunity to hold our retreat in such a special place…”
Women’s Voices for the Earth