Sharing With Guests

Non-Profit By Invitation

Ever since 1978 when they bought the ranch, the B Bar’s owners have welcomed non-profit organizations to make use of the ranch guest facilities. Known for their long standing philanthropic activity, contributing both time through their service and financial contributions through their family foundations, the owners have opened up their ranch home to provide special support to selected groups within the region whose endeavors are synchronous with their own agricultural, environmental and social goals.

While room and board are provided at a deep discount, perhaps the aspect most highly valued by participants is the glorious environment which provides the beauty and tranquility of place side by side with livestock. An ideal setting in which to both interact and reflect.

These groups have made good use of this opportunity to hold board meetings and staff retreats, workshops and special briefings, develop strategic plans, host patrons, educate media leaders, learn how to maximize their use of social media, fundraise, and network with others. Their time has been well spent but even more than all of that, people find themselves transformed by their experiences at the B Bar.