What kind of ranch is B Bar? What do you do there?

Established in 1906, the B Bar grew in the 1950s through the aggregation of many homestead properties into a substantial cattle ranch in both the Basin and the valley. In the early 70s it was sold to a developer. Shortly thereafter three neighbors banded together to purchase and protect the property from development. One portion of that property was sold in 1978 to the current owner. Today the B Bar runs a pure bred beef operation of Ancient White Park cattle as well as some cross-bred Ancient White Park/Black Angus cattle. Property nearby was acquired as the B Bar Ranch in Big Timber to supplement the cattle operation. Our agricultural products previously featured heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs, but now just features organic grass-fed grass-finished beef from our cattle. We welcome guests and groups who utilize the ranch for activities such as meetings, retreats, reunions, workshops, celebrations, and relaxing vacations.

What is your overall mission or focus?

The B Bar Ranch preserves and protects the land, natural resources, property values and associated rights within a unique and extraordinary landscape in the Tom Miner Basin. We practice stewardship by safeguarding ecosystem health, using low stress livestock management, and embracing ecologically responsible practices. These principles are used as we raise and sell organically certified grass fed beef and host guests and groups. Our guests are welcome to observe and learn what we do if they are interested in our activities and the values that underlie them.

Who stays there?

The B Bar is a working cattle ranch bordering Yellowstone National Park that welcomes guests throughout the year to rest, refresh, and inspire. We host events ranging from workgroup retreats, business meetings, experiential workshops, and environmental briefings to special gatherings of friends, family reunions and weddings. During these times we share what we do with others who are interested in our activities and the values that underlie them. Selected non-profit (link to Non-Profits by Invitation) groups are invited to stay whose endeavors are synchronous with the ranch’s agricultural, environmental, and social goals.

What do guests do while there?

Among activities offered in winter are cross country skiing, snowshoeing, open air hot tub, dog sledding from the ranch entrance, and relaxing by the fire. In summertime our guests hike the ranch which borders Yellowstone and is surrounded by national forest, play tennis or disk golf, fish or raft nearby, bird or photograph. They also make use of opportunities to observe and learn our ranch livestock and range practices. Horse riding is offered nearby. Please note that on ranch activities are limited to our group guests.

Is there mobile phone service at B Bar? Do you have internet access?

Cell phone coverage is most reliable with Verizon, with some success on Sprint, and AllTel. We have a phone for guest use with a calling card for long distance. Internet access is available through our free WiFi network but be prepared for it to be slow.

What is included in the nightly rate per person?

Nightly rates per person include all meals, lodging and ranch activities.  Nightly rates for Vacation Rentals only include lodging.

How far is it to drive to Yellowstone Park from the ranch?

Yellowstone’s northern entrance in Gardiner, MT is a 40 minute drive in summer and a little longer in winter. Click here to view map with directions.

Where are the cattle from?

These are cattle whose past is truly rooted in the mists of antiquity with mention in the earliest historic records of Britain. While historians have disputed whether the cattle are descended from wild aurochs or domestic cattle introduced by the Romans, it is clear that many of the wild white cattle herds of medieval times originated in the 13th century. There are several ancient herds still in existence today that date from that time. The story of how the White Park cattle came to the US starts in Britain just prior to the outbreak of World War II. For the full story as we know it, click here. View White Park Cattle page.

Do you still have Suffolk Punch Draft Horses?

Beginning in 1992 with just two Suffolk Punch mares, the B Bar nurtured the development and care of one of the largest herds of this heritage breed in North America. By the time the program was completed and draft horse foreman retired in June 2012, 63 foals had been raised, trained and placed with suitable settings and well-screened purchasers and an additional 20 although not born on the ranch had been trained and placed for work as well. For a more complete story of the Suffolk Punch Draft Horse history and time at B Bar, click here

Who owns the ranch?

Maryanne Mott and her husband Herman Warsh (now deceased), bought B Bar Ranch in 1978. Maryanne continues to own and manage the ranch which raises organically certified heritage cattle for beef and hosts guests and groups. She steers the ranch to embrace ecologically responsible practices, to use humane treatment of livestock and wildlife, and to protect existing values of natural resources and agriculture. Throughout her life Maryanne has been active in non-profit work and family foundations.

Do you hire seasonal employees?

Among the approximate ten summer seasonal workers hired, some employees work in specific departments and others rotate between a few. Departments include landscaping, kitchen, housekeeping, and land and livestock. Housing is provided, but no meals. We encourage employees to have their own vehicles.

We advertise on December through February for our summer help. Click on Find a Job/Ranch jobs/B Bar Ranch and apply online. You can also send a resume with availability dates and three work references to